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Original price was: $2,992.00.Current price is: $997.00.

$997 Guaranteed Fully Refundable on First Purchase - Want to NET up to double the returns of Residential Property? - Looking to do substantially better than bank interest? - Is your Super Fund looking to earn up to double-digit NET income? - Need to find a place for your business to own? Your registration grants you access to your personal Buyer's Agent who will work with you to source the ideal property inline with your personal requirements. As a complimentary bonus from GuardianBuyers, you will also receive a Personalised Financial Health check, valued at $1,995 to ensure you are 'buyer ready'. This is completed by our independent financial advisers, Hannans360. This paid registration is fully refundable upon your purchase of any property settled through Guardian Buyers! Please complete the following so we can get started to find your ideal Commercial Investment Property.


Our membership service includes the full option valued at $1,995 via Hannans 360. We understand you may be seeking to look into your finances on a small scale outside of the Guardian Buyers registration at this time. Hannan’s basic health check is simple to use and is designed to help you find the right information [...]


Your Guardian Buyers Registration includes this Full Financial Health Check by Hannans 360. We understand you may be seeking a professional financial adviser to comprehensively look into your finances outside of the Guardian Buyers Registration service. A Hannans Full Financial Health Check is designed to help you get 'Buyer Ready' - This is already included as a complimentary bonus when you register as a Guardian Buyers client. As a partner of Guardian Buyers and the Private Investors Club, Hannans 360 will assist you to get Buyer Ready to ultimately purchase commercial real estate investment properties. Registered clients of Guardian Buyers are entitled to this full financial health check (and borrowing capacity review) for FREE*, Zero!