We understand there are a number of questions you may have in relation to appointing a Buyers Agent. Here we have a list of the most often asked questions – if these don’t answer your specific needs, then please feel free to use our contact-us page with your query!

There are a number of qualities you should be looking for when engaging a buyer’s agent:


This is the most important reason to choose a Buyer’s Agent. You need someone who has actual buyer/ownership experience and has been in your shoes, that is armed and working in the current market full time whilst understanding the market, and reasons as to why you should or should not pursue any particular asset that you may want to consider buying. They and their team of experts must be able to review any target property & legal documentation while checking and explaining details in line with your particular requirements, ensuring your requirements for any property presented are met. Silvio Bevacqua as the principal, together with his team of experts will work tirelessly with you to establish the requirements you do need, if you’re not sure!


A good Buyers Agent will have a wide network of contacts that they interact with to access properties, both on and off the market, and importantly can also connect you with other professionals that are tried and tested for the purchase of the property, such as legal, building & pest and finance.

Solid Track Record: 

Knowing your agent is active in the market and settling deals means that you know your agent is sourcing the right properties for you, our client!

Aside from the experience that our Buyer’s Agents have with regards to being able to pinpoint the right investment for you & making sure the Due Diligence on the property checks out, we also don’t have the same emotions connected to the purchase. This helps you to ensure the property you’re looking to purchase is suitably qualified to meet your requirements, and avoid purchasing something that may look great from the outside but have underlying issues that get overlooked.

As agents, legally we’re not allowed to “double-dip” – we can go to jail or at the very least, lose our licences! That’s why we have a special guarantee for all of our clients that we take on – if we’re able to introduce you to a property that we have on our books listed directly through our Commercial Agency SP Commercial (this is where we have a direct listing and receive a commission from the Vendor), the commission fee for you as the Buyer is waived, excluding the initial registration membership fee.

The membership fee will not be refunded in this case, however, you are of course benefiting from not needing to pay our Buyers Agent agreed fee. This is fully detailed and covered in our appointment when you sign up with us!

Great question!

The important aspect of property purchasing is knowing what the property is worth, what the rentals are, if they are competitive in line with both net rental and market yields at the time, together with any known risks involved in any particular purchase.

Our agents, with our expert team, thoroughly investigate the property & comparable properties to determine what the property is worth, and more importantly, follow through with detailed examination during the Due Diligence period to ensure that it stacks up with what has been provided by the Seller.

Knowing the properties worth helps to negotiate the right price for the sale. The most important aspect is obtaining the right property, at the right price, rather than getting a “bargain” property that might have underlying issues.

Whilst there is a large amount of information that is available free via the internet, this information can be dangerous if you’re not aware of how to interpret the information, discard what may be deemed unusual and apply all of the information to the property that you’re looking to purchase. Not only this, but it’s also quite time-consuming to do this level of research.

It can take years of training and experience to fully understand property values accurately – and with many properties not being of a simple standard, it’s almost impossible to use online tools to correctly obtain an estimate of the property value.

Agents use a variety of tools including up to date data with most recent sales, along with market knowledge, contacts and a range of other reporting with the knowledge of how to interpret these to come to what they deem a market value.